Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Soooooooo I decided this past Sunday that since it was EASTER and we were all cookin and stuff that I was gonna go off for just that one day...I had totallly planned it. WELLLL...that was like the BIGGEST mistake EVER!!!

First of all, let me tell you all about a few things I learned going off my diet EVEN before I realized what a mistake it was... 1. I could see right away that I had already changed the way I look at food...its weird...hard to explain...but it was just DIFFERENT!!! 2. Nothing seemed as good when I tasted it as it did when I actually saw other people eating it and was resisting it...with the exception of Dove Chocolate AND MOUNTAIN DEW...those two things were JUST AS GLORIOUS as I remember!!! HAHAHA!!!

ANYWAYZ, I had figured I would gain like 2-3 pounds which was NOT cool but not a huge deal right?!?! WRONG!!! My brothers, both gained two pounds and EVERYONE ELSE that I have talked to that is on the HCG diet that went off for Easter gained like two pounds... Guess how much I gained???

SEVEN POUNDS!!! SEVEN POUNDS!!! I was SHOCKED!!! I got on the scale Sunday morning and weighed 317...THEN I got on the scale Monday morning and weighed 324!!! Talk about a TOTAL HEART BREAK!!! Needless to say I learned my lesson and I am NEVER cheating again...NOT even for my birthday!!! I mean what's the point?!?! It took me like TWO weeks to lose that seven pounds and I gained it all back in ONE DAY!!!

So even though I messed up BIG TIME, I think in a way it was good for me to learn this lesson. I also know that because it was such a high gain I will NOT be  tempted to do this again...had it ONLY been two pounds it would not be a big deal. I can't tell the difference that I have gained any weight, my clothes aren't any tighter, of course ALL my clothes are too big for me now anywayZ so I guess I wouldn't even be able to tell!!!
Even though I was, AND STILL am pretty bummed, I have NOT given up. I told myself to stop having a pity party and just get back up and keep going!!! Sooooo I'm back on track... I weighed in this morning and had lost ONE of the pounds soooo thats good...6 more to go!!!

Well, I REALLY hated writing this blog post...It would be soooo much easier and funner NOT tellin you all about this HORROR...BUT I figured I should be HONEST!!! Cheaters NEVER win and you can't help a LIAR!!! (Plus they go to HELL!!!)