Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good news!!!

I'll post some pics tomorrow BUT...I have some GOOD news!!! I lost all the weight I gained last Sunday plus two more pounds this week so i'm at 315!!! YAAAAAAY!!!! Well i've been on this diet for 6 weeks now...I'm supposed to start the 3 week maitnence phase this week...but i'm not sure...we shall wait and see what I decide!!! Your supposed to tOTALLY absolutley take the mainence phase after three weeks...BUT I read somewhere that the ONLY exception to this rule is IF you are MORBIDLY OBESE...and I FO SHO still fit into that category!!! If I keep losing i'm just gonna KEEP LOSING!!! Sooo yeah... 16 more pounds and I'll be at 299...MY FIRST BIG GOAL!!! I can't wait you guys!!! I want this sooooooooooooo BAD!!! I would appreciate it sooooooo much if you all kept and my weight loss in your prayers!!! I NEED IT!!! :)))