Saturday, July 30, 2011


I'm startin my HCG loading days TOMORROW!!! I'm just sooooooo READY to get into the LOSING mode again...especially with YOUTH ALIVE coming up in less than a MONTH or I guess its actually a little MORE...I'm just SUPER EXCITED!!! AnywayZ I can't WAIT to be able to FIT IN ALLLLLL THE RIDES!!!!

Get ready DISNEYLAND...


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooooooooo I had like the hugest moment of my life!!!! 

My seatbelt on the airplane FIT!!
No fatty extension!
I was soooo happy!!!!
I know I look really bad in this picture(AND I do NOT say that VERY OFTEN!!!;) but I don't EVEN CARE!!! It was MY MOMENT!!! Maybe you guys don't get it, this is the FIRST TIME EVERRRR that I didn't have to ask the stewardess for a seatbelt extension!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE MY SEATBELT FIT ME!!!! (Well since I started travelin at 18...I'm pretty sure I fit when I was two and we moved from NYC to here...HAHA!!!)

Sooooooooooooo then it gets even better!!!! About halfway throught the flight I decided to put my food tray down to lean on it and read my Bible...WEEELLL was I EVERRRR in for a SURPRISE!!! MY TRAY ACTUALLY WENT DOWN!!! I mean like ALLLL THE WAY DOWN!!! AND get this folks...there was even like an inch of space!!! I felt like SOOOOOOOO THIN!!!
I was like MOM!!! MY TRAY GOES DOWN!!! and she was like all happy for me and I was like dancin in my seat and she was like, its ok Mary, Just go ahead and scream!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO I DID!!! LOL!!! It wasn't even that loud just like a little high pitched shreak...NOTHING compared to what I was feelin inside!!! Wellll would you believe that the lady in front of me turned around and gave me the DIRTIEST look EVERRRRR!!!???? I was like WOW!!! It wasn't even that loud...I wanted to tell her that I could REALLY scream a WHOLE LOT LOUDER!!! Trust should see me when I get spooked...or when there is a contest at church...HAHAHA!!! Anywayz...You would think that as a FELLOW FATTY..she woulda been sharin in my joy with me...BUT NOOOOOO!!!! She had a TOTAL ATTITUDE!!!


Thursday, July 28, 2011


Sorrrrrrrrry i Haven't been updatin on here since my SCARED post...HAHA!!! BUT I am doing JUST FINE!!! I lost all the weight  i gained durnin my birthday weekend before I left for the trip...then I splurged on my trip and have a few pounds left to lose from that before i'm at my original weight startin this last maitence phase...I plan on startin back on the HCG in the beginnin of AUGUST!!! My sis says its good that i'm learnin how to lose any weight I gain durin a splurge and not to just let it keep pilin on...LOL! AnywayZ I hope you all are STILL prayin for me!!!!! I STILLLLLL NEED IT!!!!!! :)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Soooooooo I haven't really written on here in a while...There hasn't been MUCH to say EXCEPT that I've been really enjoyin my maitenance phase this time around!!! LOL I'm A LOT calmer this time around about it!!! this VERY moment I am NOT feelin CALM about it!!! I'm soooo scared!!! WHY??? Cuz This evening starts the birthday PARTYING!!!!! I'm scared about gainin WEIGHT!!!!

First i'm Headin to Tucson tonight for for REAL Mexican food at my friend's house...then tomorrow is our HUGE birthday swim party, my sis ordered us a cake with CANOLI fillin...which is pretty much like THE AWESOMEST stuff EVERRRRRRR!!!! LOL! THEN MONDAY is mine and MJ's actual BiRTHDAY!!!!
We're going to go around and get birthday freebies, then my sis is gonna take me to Maggianos for lunch, THEN my mom is cookin a family birthday dinner...Soooooo know I'm doomed...HAHAHA!!!

 HOWEVER...I'ma be a good girl and STILL stick to my diet on SUNDAY!!! AND I'm NOT going off till my friend Lorraine's FOR THE MEXICAN food!!! Then THE OTHER thing I'm trying to figure out is this Should I go BACK on the 500 calorie diet on Tuesday??? Or should I keep doing matienance till after my florida trip next Thursday??? Auuuuuggggghhhh this is soooo HARD!!!LOL!!!!

Pray for me!!! Alll guidance and words of wiseDUMB are wanted!!! :)))