Saturday, June 25, 2011

New goals!!!!

Soooooo my NEXT BIG GOAL is 265!!! My reason for choosing this is because then I will have lost exactley 100 pounds since the beginning of the year!!! Thats 34 pounds to lose since my FIRST BIG GOAL!!! (Also you can read about my first set of goals HERE!!!)

Soooo here are all my little goals till I get there...

1. 295
2. 289
3. 280 (This is how much I weighed in 8th grade when I lost like 50 pounds)
4. 275
5. 269
6. 265 (100 pounds since Jan 2011)

Here are some of my non-scale goals
1. to fit into this pink Jacket

Its a Nine West I got at Goodwill for $6 bucks!!! Size 1x NON-stretchy material!!!

2. for THIS jeans skirt to be comepletely TO BIG FOR ME!!!

See HOW TIGHT this skirt was on me when I first fit into it??? Well its PRETTY LOOSE NOW!!! But NOT to big!!! As adorable and cute as I think this skirt is...I WANT IT TO BE TO BIG!!! :)))
3. I want the size 26/28 to be ALWAYS to big for me!!! It pretty much is like waaaay to big for me on my shirts but not on my skirts!!!

4. To be able to cross my legs like THIS!!!

5. For my collar bone to show
6. To NOT have to ask for a seatbelt extension an the air plane!!!
7. to fit on all the rides at the amusement park!!! (Well i'll make an exception for the kiddie rides;)
8. To Hike the mountain by my house
9. For my collar bone to SHOW!!! I seriousley CAN NOT WAIT FOR THAT!!! I'm gonna like be feeling sooooooooo COOL when this happens!!! I just have this feelin my collar bone is gonna be like sooooooooo CUTE!!!

Once again, I am NOT sure of what my final, grand finale goal is!!! It may be 208, it may be 175 or somewhere in between or even less or more!!! I HONESTLEY DO NOT KNOW!!! I have NEVER in all my life been thin!!! The last time I weighed in the 100's was in 4th grade, I weighed 175!!! By 5th grade I was in the 200's and it just kept gettin higher and higher and higher!!! I do know that I am a VERY big person in general not even just talkin about FAT!!! I am 5'8, I wear a size 12 wide shoe, I have HUGE hands and broad shoulders...THATS JUST ME!!! Soooo as I get closer to my goal I will make more of a decision then!!! I have a LONG ways to go still!!! Welll thats ALL FOLKS!!! I'll keep you posted and LET YOU KNOW when any of these goals happen!!! TRUST ME...there will be lots of pics!!!

AND if you haven't already read it...
you can read about me reaching my FIRST BIG GOAL HERE!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011


  • Healthy Bunch® Bars

  • I'm soooooooo HAPPPPPY to hav found these!!! I think they taste sooooo GOOOOOD!!! Sugar free and sweetened with splenda...YUMMMMM!!!! I tried them and I STILL lose weight while eatin these so its like the PERFECT summer treat!!!  Somebodey say...

  • GLORY!!!!

  • (Btw- They don't sell these at all locations I've only found the multi-packs at Bashas && the creamsicles at Albertsons. You can find store locaters at the sight!!! Go HERE)
  • Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Update!!! :)

    Wellll i'm weighing in at 296 this morning...the weight has been coming of SLOOOOOOWLY since gettin out of the 300's but then again the black suit now totally fits me...which is weird since i've only lost 3 pounds since last tryin it on!!! Okaaaay you guys soooo I REALLLLY am gonna post my new goals tomorrow OR MONDAY!!! I have them ALLLL writtten out...For REALZ!!! :)))

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Something cool...

    Soooo my pastor's wife said something pretty cool to me tonight!!! She said just think, you are closer to your goal now than you are further away from it! I was like OH YEAH!!! I thought that was a COOL way of puttin it...cuz sometimes I think OH I still have soooooo far to go...BUT now I am closer to my goal than further from it!!! SWEEEEEEEEET!!!!

    Today I wrote out all my next goals so I will blog about that tomorrow!!! Weighed in this morning at 297!!!! Btw- did you guys know...

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Fat pics!!!

    Check this out!!! This is me this past OCTOBER!!! I've lost ALOT of weight since then!!! If anyone has any FAT pics of me before losing weight...PLEASE send them my way!!! They are VERY encouraging to see and keep me going!!! SERIOUSLEY!!!

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Soooooooooo THIS is LOVE!!!!

    OMW!!! You guys!!!
    i'm sooo IN LOVE WITH MY SCALE!!!

    Soooo I'm bloggin this, facebookin this, tweetin it, mass emailin it and mass textin this!!! LISTEN FOLKS!!! I DID IT!!! Today I made it to my FIRST BIG WEIGHTLOSS GOAL!!! Don't be jealous ladies ;) ;)... BUT... I just weighed in at 299.6!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm soooooo HAPPY!!! I'm NO LONGER A 300 POUNDER!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOT!!! The LAST TIME I weighed in under 300 was in 8th grade...AND I've been graduated from highschool for ten years sooooo its been about 15 years!!! OMW!!! So since the beginning of this year I have lost 66 pounds, 56 pounds since the middle of March AND a total of 109 pounds overall!!! YAAAAY!!!
    Now that I have reached MY FIRST BIG GOAL...ITS TIME TO MAKE A NEW ONE!!! So someone was asking me what I do to celebrate whenever I reach a goal and i'm like wellll... basically just brag about it to EVERYONE and OF COURSE take pictures of myself!!! Basically, I am MY OWN PAPARATZZI!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Btw- guess what EVERYONE???

    I'm NO LONGER A 300 POUNDER!!!!