Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Soooooooo I decided this past Sunday that since it was EASTER and we were all cookin and stuff that I was gonna go off for just that one day...I had totallly planned it. WELLLL...that was like the BIGGEST mistake EVER!!!

First of all, let me tell you all about a few things I learned going off my diet EVEN before I realized what a mistake it was... 1. I could see right away that I had already changed the way I look at food...its weird...hard to explain...but it was just DIFFERENT!!! 2. Nothing seemed as good when I tasted it as it did when I actually saw other people eating it and was resisting it...with the exception of Dove Chocolate AND MOUNTAIN DEW...those two things were JUST AS GLORIOUS as I remember!!! HAHAHA!!!

ANYWAYZ, I had figured I would gain like 2-3 pounds which was NOT cool but not a huge deal right?!?! WRONG!!! My brothers, both gained two pounds and EVERYONE ELSE that I have talked to that is on the HCG diet that went off for Easter gained like two pounds... Guess how much I gained???

SEVEN POUNDS!!! SEVEN POUNDS!!! I was SHOCKED!!! I got on the scale Sunday morning and weighed 317...THEN I got on the scale Monday morning and weighed 324!!! Talk about a TOTAL HEART BREAK!!! Needless to say I learned my lesson and I am NEVER cheating again...NOT even for my birthday!!! I mean what's the point?!?! It took me like TWO weeks to lose that seven pounds and I gained it all back in ONE DAY!!!

So even though I messed up BIG TIME, I think in a way it was good for me to learn this lesson. I also know that because it was such a high gain I will NOT be  tempted to do this again...had it ONLY been two pounds it would not be a big deal. I can't tell the difference that I have gained any weight, my clothes aren't any tighter, of course ALL my clothes are too big for me now anywayZ so I guess I wouldn't even be able to tell!!!
Even though I was, AND STILL am pretty bummed, I have NOT given up. I told myself to stop having a pity party and just get back up and keep going!!! Sooooo I'm back on track... I weighed in this morning and had lost ONE of the pounds soooo thats good...6 more to go!!!

Well, I REALLY hated writing this blog post...It would be soooo much easier and funner NOT tellin you all about this HORROR...BUT I figured I should be HONEST!!! Cheaters NEVER win and you can't help a LIAR!!! (Plus they go to HELL!!!)

Monday, April 25, 2011

???Walden Farm Prodcuts???

Soooooooo have any of you out there ever heard of WALDEN FARM products??? They sell all kinds of dips, salad dressings, sauces, syrups, jams that are all FAT FREE, SUGAR FREE AND CALORIE FREE!!! Which just kinda seems a little FREAKY to me!!! LOL!!!!

 Supposivley, they are made from "All Natural" ingredients. Which would be TOTALLY cool if they ACTUALLY are...I just find it HARD to believe...I'm skeptical...just to be HONEST!!! I don't really like the idea of inhaling into myself a bunch of chemicals and junk...Of course I'm willing to give them a try...I'm NEVER to scared to try something new!!! HAHAHA!!! If anyone knows anything about these products HOOK ME UP with some info puhleeeeeeeze!!! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo I have this favorite black shirt that I love and like wear with EVERYTHING!! Well, I had not worn it in a REALLY, REALLY long time and on saturday, without even thinkin about it I pulled it out of my closet and threw it on to go run errands with my mom...Well when I looked in the mirror I was in for a TOTAL SHOCK!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay here I am with Sis. Kendricks and some other friends, wearing it at Youth Alive this past september 2010...

Here I am the middle of this past March, after my New York trip, wearing it at Roadrunner Park...


Okaaaaaaaay, yeah I know I look like a TOTAL reject && DORK, but still...LOOK AT MY SHIRT!!! Its SOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOSE!!! Its hanging on me!!! I was like SOOOO SURPRISED!!! You shoulda seen me, I was like showin it to EVERYONE at prayer Saturday night...LOL!!! Like LOOOOK!!! My shirts TOO BIG!!!

Soooo do You guys see THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?!??!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


These are SPECIAL for you AMBER!!!
The last jean skirt I had was a size 34
Here I am TOTALLY rockin my size 28, no elastic, completely straight jean skirt!!!
This is my FAVORITE skirt ever!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Pardon my wet, stringy hair I just washed it...
but I'm NOT gonna lie...
I think I look pretty CUTE!!! ;)
Soooo here is a little update on my weight loss!!! I have now lost 32 pounds!!! I'm weighing in at 321. I'm fitting into my sisters clothes now. I havn't lost any weight the last two days BUT I did a check with ketosis(Ketosis means fat burning mode) strips and my body is still in the HIGH fat burning mode...soooo I guess I really am still losing inches...I just had to go out and buy the strips to see for myself!!! Thats the kind of person I am...i just WANNA KNOW!!! :) Also, I havn't taken any diabetes medicine in at least two weeks and my sugar has been mostly in the high 80's -90's!!! SOOO AWESOME!!!


SOOOOOOOOO i like fit into ALL these CUTE jean skirts!!! Like, my sis said that I could have them cuz she never wears them and LIKE OMW!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE they fit me!!! SOOOOOOOOO cute!!! When my sis came home from work and saw the skirt on me she said that she could REALLY tell that I had lost weight!!! AND like, I guess wearin it was an eye opener for me...cuz to me when I look in the mirror I just look the same!!! BUT when I put on those skirts I was like...OH YES...ITS OFFICIAL...


Friday, April 15, 2011


I find it VERY intersting that people will hear that I'm on a 500 calorie diet and they like FREAK OUT!!! Is that safe??? Are you sure? Don't you think you should be eating more? Doesn't your body NEED more? But know one worries like that about eating a Whopper or Big Mac...I'm just like HMMM....

The other thing I find VERY interesting is the question I get asked when tell about this diet...


Is it healthy losing weight soooo quickley??? My answer to that question is this...Is it HEALTHY being MORBIDLY OBESE??? Hmmm...Idk...I could be wrong BUT I'm pretty sure that losing weight is bether than weight 408...

Idk...its just a THOUGHT...I could be wrong!!! ;) Hmmm...


"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not." ~ James Gordon

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've lost 30 pounds now!!!!! YES!!! I'm totally siked!!! So I read online something you can do to get out of a stall if you are stalling. You have a mug cake and steak day. You eat a 3.5 oz steak for lunch, 3.5 oz steak for dinner and have a mug cake for dessert...doing this isn't in the HCG protocol BUT it totally works if your stalling...and WAAAAAAAY better than an APPLE DAY...ugh...LOL!!! Another way to break a STALL in weight loss is to TOTALLY go off the diet and then back on but when you do that you gain a few pounds and then the weight loss continues steadily again...at least thats what people are saying...I STILL HAVN'T CHEATED!!!! Yay ME!!!

Two more weeks then I have to take a 3 week break without the HCG to stabilize my weight loss. During this time I stick to a very low carb diet, i guess kind of like what i'm doing right now I can just have more calories. Alot of people still lose some weight during this time so HOPEFULLY I am one of those people!!! :)))

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Impressing WHO???

So one of my brothers was asking me the other day about my losing weight, he is all like, Ok Mary, who is it? What guy are you trying to impress? I'm like NO ONE!!! HONESTLY I just wanna lose weight!!! Like i'm sick and tired of being FAT!!! And he is like, come on Mary, I know there has gotta be some guy..." Cuz I know he is just trying to figure out if I like someone cuz I havn't talked about any particular guy in quite a while!!! And he is like, I KNOW YOU MARY, who's eye are you trying to catch??? Sooooo I'm like okaaaaaaaaay FINE...you wanna know who's eye i'm trying to catch??? I ain't gonna lie...I'll tell you....its
And thats the STRAIGHT UP HONEST TRUTH!!! ;)))

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Welllll the apple day WORKED!!! I lost THREE pounds which has brought me down to my next little weight loss goal of 326!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! That sure was a HARD three pounds to lose!!! I had PLANNED on being there this past TUESDAY but oh well I GOT THERE!!! NOW from this point on any weight that I lose is the SMALLEST any of ya all have seen me since 8th GRADE!!! I'm sooooooooo EXCITED!!! CHECK ME OUT!!!! LOLOLOL!!! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Apple day!!!

Today is an apple day. I weighed in this morning EXACTLEY the same as yesturday...sooo that means I have to do an apple day. What I have to do is take the HCG medicine and starting from lunch time today to lunch time tomorrow i'm supposed to eat 6 apples...SUPPOSIVLEY this is suppoesed to work and start up the weight loss again...we shall see...they told me to call them back in two days and they'll tell me what to do next...I was hoping they would say Spinatos would reset my system...LOL!!!

AnywayZ, I decided to make this a somewhat interesting endeavor, soooo last night at Sprouts I picked out 6 different kinds of apples to eat. A fugi, a Pink lady, a pinova,a red delicious, a braeburn and a granny smith...I'll let you all know which one is my favorite!!!
My ALL time favorite is the HONEY CRISP APPLE!!!
OMW!!! These apples are SOOOOO good!!! I LOVE them!!!
They are like Juicy and sweet and just the right about of CRISP!!! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!

However, they are also quite pricey and also out of season...soooo sad!!! I discovered them when I first started this diet. The produce man at Fry's said this was the LAST batch they were getting in and asked me if I wanted a sample...ONE SAMPLE and i have been HOOKED ever since!!! I didn't even realize the price and I got a bagful and was shocked when they told me my total was $19.99!!! I was like WHAT??? HOW MUCH ARE THESE APPLES!?!?! LOL Soooo I only got two!!! If I had that kinda money to spend I TOTALLY would have...HAHA!!! AnywayZ, you all have GOTTA taste HONEY CRISP APPLES!!!

Whats YOUR favorite kind of apple?!?!?

Thursday, April 7, 2011


WEEEEEELLLLLLLL i've been stuck on 329 since SUNDAY!!! Ugh!!! Thats VERY frustrating!!! I called up the diet place and they said this is NORMAL to stall for 4-5 days....I'm like NOOOO!!! BUT I'm TOTALLY hanging on!!! NOT CHEATING AT ALL!!!! :)

On the brighter side, my blood sugar was down to 96 today... without medicine...THATS AWESOME!!! I was ranging in like the 300's maybe even 400's before I started this diet. A normal person's sugar is like 70-120!!!! My mom told me I shouldn't even take my medicine if its that low!!! Soooo yeah...i'm doing BOMB...totally gonna reverse this type 2 Diabetes!!! :)

Also...sooooo I found ANOTHER shirt that totally fits me!!! I had forgotten ALL ABOUT IT!! I found it at Savers like a year or so ago but it just didn't fit right...to tight and I hung onto it for a while BUT then I donated it to our church's Blessing Boutique. Well the other day I was in there going through some stuff with another one of ther girls from my church and I was like..HEEEEEEY I WONDER if this shirt will fit now...

SoRRY I couldn't get MORE in the pic its HARD to do full body shots yourself!!!
BUT wait CHECK OUT the sleeves...

Soooooooooo CUTE!!! Soooooo yeah...I took it RIGHT back outta the blessing boutique!!! I know we're supposed to put stuff in to be a blessing to others BUT heeeeey... I was a blessing to MYSELF by losing weight!!! :)))

Monday, April 4, 2011


"You're lucky it's YOUR fault...
 because YOU can correct the situation."

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I weighed in at 329 this morning!!!
(3 more pounds before I reach my next little goal!!!)
Ooooo and check me OUT....
I've wanted to wear this jacket FOR at least TWO YEARS!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday update!!!

I ONLY lost like half a pound today...that was A LITTLE disapointing...Grrrr!!! So i'm still at 330.2 is what I weighed in at...was like STUPID 2 oz...LOL!!! On the bright side, i'm wearing a CUTE sweater today that I used to be able to only button one button and wear it open, NOW I can wear it all the way and it looks FABULOUS!!! Wait let me take a picture for you all!!! ;)
Weeeeeeeelll I'm off to our church's annual Ladies Tea...Its at Paradise Bakery this year and

I'm bringin MY OWN food!!! Be proud of me people!!! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


I just want to say thank you to everyone for ALL the encouraging words!!! I GREATLY appreciate each and every one of them!!! Please keep them comin!!! Btw- I'm down NOW down to 331!!! Thats like 21 pounds...I THINK??? Hmmm i'm sooo bad at math...I NEED A CALCULATOR!!!

Oooo and guess what else??? I wore this blue jacket to church last night that didn't even fit two weeks ago. It used to fit me back in the day when I lost 81 pounds but then I started gainin and YOWZERS!!! BUT last night...it looked sooooooooo GOOD!!! I was like, Guess what PEOPLE!!! I'm wearing a size 24 and it ain't EVEN stretchy material...don't be jealous ladies!!! ;)

I had TOTALLY been planning on wearing it on Sunday and I was tryin it on and showed it to my sis and Kim and they were like, why wait till Sunday, WEAR it tonight!!! I was like TONIGHT??? On a WEDNESDAY??? I was like well OKAAAAAY, Bishop Abbott's in town, I'll wear it for HIM!!! :)

Soooooooooo i have this PINK jacket that i'll be wearing on Sunday!!! I can't wait!!! I have been waiting FOREVER and a YEAR for this jacket to fit!!! Seriousley...its been THAT LONG!!! I have like all these clothes hangin out on my closet door and Kim is like, what are you gonna do??? Switch outfits in between songs on Sunday??? I'm like Ooooo GOOD IDEA...I mean...I GOTTA wear them NOW they might be TOO BIG NEXT WEEK!!! :))))