Sunday, April 10, 2011

Impressing WHO???

So one of my brothers was asking me the other day about my losing weight, he is all like, Ok Mary, who is it? What guy are you trying to impress? I'm like NO ONE!!! HONESTLY I just wanna lose weight!!! Like i'm sick and tired of being FAT!!! And he is like, come on Mary, I know there has gotta be some guy..." Cuz I know he is just trying to figure out if I like someone cuz I havn't talked about any particular guy in quite a while!!! And he is like, I KNOW YOU MARY, who's eye are you trying to catch??? Sooooo I'm like okaaaaaaaaay wanna know who's eye i'm trying to catch??? I ain't gonna lie...I'll tell you....its
And thats the STRAIGHT UP HONEST TRUTH!!! ;)))