Friday, April 8, 2011

Apple day!!!

Today is an apple day. I weighed in this morning EXACTLEY the same as yesturday...sooo that means I have to do an apple day. What I have to do is take the HCG medicine and starting from lunch time today to lunch time tomorrow i'm supposed to eat 6 apples...SUPPOSIVLEY this is suppoesed to work and start up the weight loss again...we shall see...they told me to call them back in two days and they'll tell me what to do next...I was hoping they would say Spinatos would reset my system...LOL!!!

AnywayZ, I decided to make this a somewhat interesting endeavor, soooo last night at Sprouts I picked out 6 different kinds of apples to eat. A fugi, a Pink lady, a pinova,a red delicious, a braeburn and a granny smith...I'll let you all know which one is my favorite!!!
My ALL time favorite is the HONEY CRISP APPLE!!!
OMW!!! These apples are SOOOOO good!!! I LOVE them!!!
They are like Juicy and sweet and just the right about of CRISP!!! ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!!!

However, they are also quite pricey and also out of season...soooo sad!!! I discovered them when I first started this diet. The produce man at Fry's said this was the LAST batch they were getting in and asked me if I wanted a sample...ONE SAMPLE and i have been HOOKED ever since!!! I didn't even realize the price and I got a bagful and was shocked when they told me my total was $19.99!!! I was like WHAT??? HOW MUCH ARE THESE APPLES!?!?! LOL Soooo I only got two!!! If I had that kinda money to spend I TOTALLY would have...HAHA!!! AnywayZ, you all have GOTTA taste HONEY CRISP APPLES!!!

Whats YOUR favorite kind of apple?!?!?