Sunday, April 24, 2011


Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo I have this favorite black shirt that I love and like wear with EVERYTHING!! Well, I had not worn it in a REALLY, REALLY long time and on saturday, without even thinkin about it I pulled it out of my closet and threw it on to go run errands with my mom...Well when I looked in the mirror I was in for a TOTAL SHOCK!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay here I am with Sis. Kendricks and some other friends, wearing it at Youth Alive this past september 2010...

Here I am the middle of this past March, after my New York trip, wearing it at Roadrunner Park...


Okaaaaaaaay, yeah I know I look like a TOTAL reject && DORK, but still...LOOK AT MY SHIRT!!! Its SOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOSE!!! Its hanging on me!!! I was like SOOOO SURPRISED!!! You shoulda seen me, I was like showin it to EVERYONE at prayer Saturday night...LOL!!! Like LOOOOK!!! My shirts TOO BIG!!!

Soooo do You guys see THE DIFFERENCE?!?!?!??!