Thursday, April 14, 2011


I've lost 30 pounds now!!!!! YES!!! I'm totally siked!!! So I read online something you can do to get out of a stall if you are stalling. You have a mug cake and steak day. You eat a 3.5 oz steak for lunch, 3.5 oz steak for dinner and have a mug cake for dessert...doing this isn't in the HCG protocol BUT it totally works if your stalling...and WAAAAAAAY better than an APPLE DAY...ugh...LOL!!! Another way to break a STALL in weight loss is to TOTALLY go off the diet and then back on but when you do that you gain a few pounds and then the weight loss continues steadily least thats what people are saying...I STILL HAVN'T CHEATED!!!! Yay ME!!!

Two more weeks then I have to take a 3 week break without the HCG to stabilize my weight loss. During this time I stick to a very low carb diet, i guess kind of like what i'm doing right now I can just have more calories. Alot of people still lose some weight during this time so HOPEFULLY I am one of those people!!! :)))