Tuesday, April 19, 2011


These are SPECIAL for you AMBER!!!
The last jean skirt I had was a size 34
Here I am TOTALLY rockin my size 28, no elastic, completely straight jean skirt!!!
This is my FAVORITE skirt ever!!! I LOVE IT!!!
Pardon my wet, stringy hair I just washed it...
but I'm NOT gonna lie...
I think I look pretty CUTE!!! ;)
Soooo here is a little update on my weight loss!!! I have now lost 32 pounds!!! I'm weighing in at 321. I'm fitting into my sisters clothes now. I havn't lost any weight the last two days BUT I did a check with ketosis(Ketosis means fat burning mode) strips and my body is still in the HIGH fat burning mode...soooo I guess I really am still losing inches...I just had to go out and buy the strips to see for myself!!! Thats the kind of person I am...i just WANNA KNOW!!! :) Also, I havn't taken any diabetes medicine in at least two weeks and my sugar has been mostly in the high 80's -90's!!! SOOO AWESOME!!!