Monday, September 13, 2010


Well the decision to start Weight Watcher's was on the 30th BUT I didn't actually get around to starting it till today!!! LOL! Typical, right?! I just kept pushing it off, BUT today I did it! Made it through MY FIRST DAY!!! YAAAAAAY! I still have ten points left WOW!!! HAHA! I ended the day with a peice of my Mamma's fat- free pumpkin cheesecake!!! It was SOOOO good! I was SERIOUSLEY scared to even try it...I mean the THOUGHT of it being HEALTHY...but WHO EVER would have thought that eating healthy could ACTUALLY taste SOOOOO GOOD?!?!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A decision... I made a decision. I have been seriousley thinking for the last month that I would really like to start losing weight again. As most of you know, back in 2008 I really lost A LOT of weight! 81 pounds!!! I went from 408 to 325 AND then I went on a stand still. I stopped losing weight and in the process kinda fell off the band wagon and began gaining weight back. Which is really easy to do when your mom is an AMAZING Italian cook, I'm A GOOD cook AND I LOVE to eat!!! LOL! :) So I've been praying about what weight loss direction I wanted to go in! My mom is doing AWESOME on an all raw fruits and veggies diet...I was thinkin should I try this? I am ALWAYS reading up on weight loss diets and techniques etc...there is SOOOO much out there!!! Atkins? Slim Fast? Should I count calories? Weight lost surgery? LIPO? WHAT?! Well the answer came to ME today delievered straight to our front door from the UPS man! (NO idea if he was cute or not! Didn't really get a GOOD look!;)

See what happens is that MJ gets special orders of food that she can eat for her low protien diet, she has a disease called PKU, which basically means that she has an EXTREMELY low tolerance for protein. So she gets this HUGE box of new snacks and my sis opens it up and is showing them to her. They are like these rasberry cookie twists and my sis is reading in and aparently they are ALSO only 1 WW point for two of them. We were like WOW thats weird that they are WW friendly to, cause most of the low protien food is very high in fat to make up for other stuff that they are leaving out.

So along with MJ we try one we're like...Mmmmm...OMW these are like REALLY good!!! Soooooo I was just like Okaaaaaaay God, I'm just gonna take this as a sign from you...

Which is funny that it took me sooooo LONG to figure that out..CAUSE Weight Watchers was THE SAME answer had given me back in 2008 when I was contemplating the same decision! I remember doing the same thing, bringing all these weight loss programs to God and pondering WHAT I should do. Then I remember, my current pastor's wife, Sis. Abbott, who was still just Vanessa back then, she sits down with me in the foyer at church and we are just chatting. She starts telling me about how she had joined Weight Watchers and she is doing really good etc... Then she is like, HEEEY you should join WW and I'm like, oh yeah, but just kinda like WHATEVER thats not for me...then God kinda nudged me like DID ask! Do I NEED to slap you with the answer or WHAT?! I'm like OH!!! HAHAHA! So then I start talkin to her about it and the next thing I know, I'm JOINING!!! LOL!

IT works and the thing about WW is that it really does NOT feel like a diet but it really is just more of a lifestyle change...So yeah...WEIGHT WATCHERS...HERE COMES MARY!!! :)