Sunday, May 29, 2011


I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! My blue shirt thingy FITS ME!!! As you may have read in my GOALS fitting into this blue shirt thingy was one of my goals!!! Now when I first bought this shirt in March it didn't even get past my shoulders!!!
It seemed like it was gonna take FOREVER for it to fit!!! My goal was for it to fit by Old Time Camp looks like I got to it 5 weeks early!!! WOOOOHOOO!!! Omw!!! NOW what am I gonna wear??? ;) LOL AnywayZ... I LOVE it...but its really annoying cuz it gets wrinkly when i sit down...ugh!!! Oh and btw-I call it my blue shirt thingy cuz its ACTUALLY a dress!!! HAHAHA!!! Can you imagine a girl my size ACTUALLY wearing it like that...EVERYONE be thankful that I'm in church!!! :)

It feels soooooo GOOOOOD to be reaching my goals!!! 6 more pounds and i'll be at MY FIRST BIG GOAL!!! OMW!!! I'm almost there people!!! I'M ALMOST THERE!!!