Friday, May 6, 2011

Phase 3!!!

Soooo I am doing good so far on phase 3 of this diet!!! I started on Wednesday eating more food and I thought for SURE on Thursday I would have gained a pound but NOPE, sure enough when I got on the scale and weighed myself it was still 315!!! So I guess even though it seemed like MORE food it wasn't really that much the goal is keep it at 315 for three weeks without gaining although I may still lose some weight on this phase...

Soooo this is me this past Sunday at 315, the weight I am supposed to stabilize until May 25th. HOWEVER, I did ACTUALLY lose four more pounds yesturday!!! I weighed in today at 311...BUT I was soooooo SICK with the stomach flu that I think that is the REASON for that weight loss so I so don't know if its a REAL weight loss or not I guess I'll just have to wait and see!!! CUZ MAN was I SICK yesturday!!! Ugh!!!

Well..HOPEFULLY this was a true weight loss cuz if it is do you know what that means?!?!? YUP!!! Only 3 more pounds to go until I have reached my next little goal, THEN my next little goal will have brought me to MY FIRST BIG GOAL!!! (Read about my goals HERE!!!) Keep prayin folks!!!

ALSO check out my friend Priscilla Hildalgo's weight bloss blog as well...she is doing Atkins, leave her an encouraging word!!! :))) Check her out HERE