Thursday, May 5, 2011


I have had this shirt for over three years!!!! I got it right before my brother got married in the PI three years ago. It has NEVER looked good on me...BUT I LOVED THE SHIRT!!! I could NEVER get rid of it cuz I just knew that if I EVER lost the weight it would look AWESOME!!! Welll...that just wasn't happening!!! I wore it a few times but my brothers told me I looked PREGNANT!!! HAHA!!! AnywayZ, I thought last wednesday like, HEEEEY I should just try that shirt on and VIOLA...It fit PERFECT!!!

Jac said I looked SKINNY!!! I was like ummmm WOW!!! Thank you...I mean I'm NOT!!! Still weighing in at 315, well actually last week when I got this pic it was like 318...but ANYWAYZ...this was another YAY MOMENT FOR ME!!! :)))