Monday, May 9, 2011

The dreaded word!!!

EXCERCISE!!! LOL! I went out and walked for a while today!!! I had decided yesturday that TODAY I was gonna start excercising...Soooo I had the stroller ALL READY and was about to put Levi, the little boy I take care of in and head out when i as reminded that my nephew Jose was also coming over today.

I was like AWWW MAN!!! (Not that I didn't want him to come over, (he is ALWAYS welcomed)i just didn't know HOW I could go on a walk with two little boys and only a one seater stroller) Soooo then I remembered that we had a little red wagon that I could put the boys in. So I buckled them in and they loved it!!! Well I mean who wouldn't love being pulled around in a little red wagon??? I KNOW I sure would!!! ;)

Anywayz, I'm not sure how far I walked, but it was probabley like a mile or something...It was to this mountain that has a hiking trail by my house. Its a good little wayz a way...I've hiked it a little bit before but obviousley NOT this time!!! LOL It was difficult enough back then when I had been walkin for a while, I could only imagine it pullin the little red wagon...HAHA!!!

Sooo it was nice...I think tomorrow it will be waaaaaaaaay easier without pulling the wagon!!! Soooo excercise...HERE I COME!!! Watchout peeps...pretty soon i'll be running and biking with Sis. Kathy!!! :)))