Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sooooooo today is a HUGE day in my life!!! SERIOUSLEY HUGE!!! I have OFFICIALLY lost 100 pounds of FAT!!! LOLOL!!! OMW!!! I am sooooooo EXCITED and HAPPY!!! My heart is just jubilant!!! (Is that even a word???)

Sooo i've lost 100 pounds but its NOT since I started the HCG diet(7 weeks ago)...The HCG diet i've lost 45 pounds, since the beginning of the year I've lost 57 pounds and since my highest weight (408) I've lost 100 pounds!!!...which is a HUGE deal for me!!!AND OMW!!! I can't stop lookin in the mirror...Which is REALLY NOTHING NEW...BUT...LOL!

I weighed in at 308 this morning!!! :)))

About 5-6 years ago I weighed in at 408 pounds. Its THE HIGHGEST I have ever weighed and as far as I could see it was a hopeless, endless case. Then without realizing it, towards the end of 2007 I began to lose weight. Probabley because I had become diabetic and didn't realize it and when your sugar is high you lose weight. So I was surprised that I had lost weight, but people had started noticing, sooooooo in 2008 I decided to REALLLY try losing weight and through Atkins and Weight Watchers I managed to get down to 326 at my absolute lowest. took me till the end of 2008 to get there, then in 2009 It kinda started going downhill from there. I couldn't seem to get past 326 and before I knew it the pounds started coming back on till OMW I was at 365 again, which is where I was at the begining of this year, WCC, Conqueror's Conference...I was sooooooo MAD and Frustrated with myself...BUT at least I had NOT gained back ALL MY WEIGHT!!!

So I lost like ten pounds in the first three months of this year. Then I started hearing about the HCG diet and I was like Hmmmm...should I??? I mean its like a REALLY INTENSE diet!!! LOL But with the help and encouragement of some other Apostolics I got the push and support I needed to start. AND on March 17th of this year, I started the HCG diet weighing in at 353!!!

This morning I STEPPED on the scale and it said 308!!! I could NOT believe it!!! 308!!! NOT 309! NOT 307!!! 308!!! EXACTLEY 100 pounds!!! It was a BEAUTIFUL sight to see!!! Seriousley, I could have KISSED the scale!!! Do you know what it feels like to have lost 100 pounds???? It feels AWESOME!!! I mean, I'm not gonna like, I'm pretty proud of myself!!!
(This is me TODAY!!! I thought what pic should I have my 100 pound loss taken in?!?! I should I wear something black cuz its more slenderizing??? NO WAY!!! Cookie monster ALL THE WAY BABY!!! :)
408, 308...
Who's ready to...
 see me at 208???