Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clearing OUT!!!

I made a cRaZy decision the other day.
I got rid of ALL my winter clothes!!!! WHY??? Because by NEXT winter I will NOT be fitting into them!!! By NEXT winter they will be TO BIG FOR me!!! SERIOUSLEY I took out EVERYTHING...well minus my beloved HOODIES!!! LOL Hoodies were meant to be big and bulky!!! Right??? But yeah...I'm getting rid of ALL my winter clothes!!! You should see my garbage bag STUFF FULL!!! I was like...

WOW!!! Am I really doing this??? Should I REALLY be gettin rid of ALL THESE clothes??? What if I need them again? What if they still fit me next year??? WHAT IF STOP LOSING WEIGHT??? Maybe I should keep them just in case...then I said NOOOO!!! I'm NOT giving myself ANY "What ifs" or "Just I Cases" I'M LOSING THIS WEIGHT!!!