Saturday, March 26, 2011

One week!!!

So I realized that LAST thursday was actually my first day on the diet. They were my loading days where I was supposed to eat LOTS of fattening food for two days while taking the HCG and on those days I was actually weighing in at 353. Soooo today is one week on the 500 calorie diet!!! So this past week, has pretty much been a steady weight loss of 1 pound a day, BUT today I lost TWO pounds!! I'm sooooo HAPPY!! I guess God was rewarding me for NOT eating any frozen yogurt at yogurtini when I went out with all my friends last night. So I weighed in at 338 which made me sooooo HAPPY cuz my first goal was to get into the 30's!!! And HERE I am at 338 with a grand total of a 15 pound loss...Woot, woot!!!