Friday, April 12, 2013

Jenny Craig...

Soooooo I KNOW that I had told you all that I was going to join Medifast...buuuuuuut after like researching and talking to different people about it...I wasn't mom was like NOT thinkin I was gonna like the food! I was tellin Hanna and she was like, MARY thats like a really big deal that you need to think about because your a REALLY GOOD COOK and your used to GOOD TASTING FOOD!!! I was like Awwwww...THANKS for the compliment...annnnnd YES this is TRUE what if I HATE THE FOOD??? Annnnnd it was all like just add water...ahahahaha soooo hmmmm...
I was thinkin about it, I was looking up other programs because you see there were TWO things that I was DESPERATLEY looking for with what I wanted in a weight loss program, STRUCTURE AND ACCOUNTABILITY!!! I am a person that has NO STRUCTURE in myself buuuuuuut absolutely THRIVES within it from others!!! Annnnnnd I NEED accountability!!! Like ONE ON ONE...face to face...EYE TO EYE...LOL!!! Like I really liked the Weight Watchers program annnnd IF you stick to it works GREAT!!! Buuuuut for a person LIKE ME...theres just to many loop holes...HAHA...annnnnnd the group meetins always kinda ANNOYED ME!!! They weren't personalized for ME and what I NEEDED annnnnnnnnd there was always ONE person that like dominated the group thats like FREAKING out cuz its Halloween and there is CANDY and its Christmas theres cookies...yada, yada, yada...LOL
Well I was at my mom's and I was talking to her about LOSING WEIGHT and i'm like MOM I really want to do something!!! Like, I do NOT want to be like this, I really, REALLY want to be a healthy person annnnd sooooo my youngest brother Abe was like, well i'm not doing it BUT there is this guy at my work that has lost a lot of weight with Jenny Craig maybe you should find out about that...I was like Oooooo...I've heard they're food is really good to!!! Soooooo I researched it, went in and learned about the program, tried the food and like it  ALOT...
I mean, IS THE FOOD as good as MY COOKING??? Then answer to THAT question is NO!!! HAHAHAHA...Can't LIE people...Buuuuuuuuuuut... MY COOKIN is WHY I'm AT JENNY CRAIG!!! Well its been almost two weeks now and i'm doing GREAT annnnnnnnnnnd LOVING IT!!! I'll talk more about it to come!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)