Sunday, April 28, 2013

First push up!!!

Soooooo I was SUPER EXCITED the other day cuz I did MY FIRST everrrr push up at the gym!!! I text all my friends this pic below!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!
Anywayz, I was soooooo excited about it I showed my personal trainer it, buuuuuut she was like, she was proud of me annnnnnd said that it wasn't QUITE a push up!!! I'm like okaaaaaaay WHATEVERRRR!!!! In the FATTY WORLD...that was soooooo a PUSH UP!!! LOLOL!!!
She said I got an E for effort tho!!! HAHA!!! She said she she is a total sticker for push ups being EXACTLEY when you go down nose TO THE GROUND!!! I'm like okaaaaaaay cool....buuuuut aparently NO THERE is like no one that says they do there push ups quite that way!!!
♥Mary Frances :)