Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FYI... Lol!!!

Soooo a bunch of people were asking me WHO the guy that made fun of me was??? The answer is that I honestly and truley DO NOT KNOW!!! I can't remember annnnnd IF I did, i wouldn't even say annnnnnd I'm not even mad about it nor dwelling on it anymore!! I was just trying to express the way i felt at the time!!! I'm a very forgiving person annnnd we're all human annnnnnd I've made mistakes and mAde fun of people before too without thinkin about it!!! Soooo yeah... It's all GOOD!!! Plus, I mean I hav brothers that make PLENTY OF COMMENTS FOR ME... One of them left an anon comment to me: "Sooooo did you break the bench???" Lololol i knew immediatley it wS him...BROTHERS!!! Anyone else had left it i woulda been mad!!! I tell ya... They are soooo obnoxious buuuuuut kinda funnnnny!!! (Rolls eyes!) God's just preparing me for a husband!!! Haha