Saturday, February 23, 2013

Havin Diabetes!!!

Sooooo in my mid-20's I was diagnosed with Diabetes, which totally BUMMMMED me out!!! I mean EVERYONE in my family history has it, like BOTH of my mom's parent's, her mom's dad,  my mom's brother, one of my brother's, my sister, my dad's mom had it,  soooo it was pretty much bound to happen sooner or later...buuuuut I was preferring LATER!!! 
However, due to my extreme overweightness, I got my diabetes EARLY!!! At first It wasn't too bad and was being controlled by just oral pills, but since I wasn't losing weight, excercising and changing my eating habits it was getting worse! My sugars were getting higher, sometimes even in the 4 and 500's! My doctor kept increasing my medicine to a higher and higher dosage and she said that if I didn't get it under control my next step would be taking insulin shots!
Now, i'm NOT scared of needles...buuuuut I did NOT want to get on insulin...I just DID NOT WANT IT!!! I knew I could get a handle on this if I made up my mind! Weeeeelllll...for the last two years I've kept my diabetes in the low 100's and 90's annnnnd MY FRIENDS, that is WITHOUT taking any kind of medicine at all!!! 
Yes, THIS March it will be TWO WHOLE YEARS that I have been off of any sort of medicine for my diabetes!!! I'm sooooo happy annnnnd in a humble way...VERY PROUD OF MYSELF!!! ;) How do I do this? I maintain a very, very low carb diet! I mostly eat meat, cheese and veggies with OF COURSE my occasional splurge days...which I like to do about once a week...usually Sundays or I plan it for a day thats like something fun is going on, or a Holiday and I KNOW its gonna be good food.
I'm NOT saying its EASY!!! I LOOOOOOVE CARBS!!! Especially being ITALIAN...I LOOOOOVE MY PASTA!!! PIZZA!!! BREAD!!! CHOCOLATE!!! CAKE!!! get the picture...HAHAHA.... Buuuuuuuut I ALSO LIKE LIVING...ya know???

 I'm also REALLY into vitamins...LOL...Two things that I take that help with diabetes sugar levels is cinnamon capsules, which are also "Supposed" to help curb hunger and garlic capsules which are also good for YOUR HEART!!! Buuuuut MOM has been my biggest inspiration...she says that things never really clicked for her till recently about her eating habits either, but she says I can learn NOW, while I'm YOUNG!!! 
It feels GOOD to me knowing that...
MY DIABETES does NOT control ME!!!
♥Mary Frances :)