Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Update on the Daniel Fast!!!

Sooooo I DID join the Daniel Fast last Wednesday and am doing FABULOUS so far!!!! Its pretty easy after doing HCG!!! LOL You wanna know what the HARDEST part so far has been for me??? No artificial sweetners ANNNNND know COFFEE!!! Since living a life of dieting, i've gotten VERY used to incorporating these two things into MY LIFE OF EATING!!!! HAHA!!! Buuuut other than that i'm doing GREAT!!!
I made this vegetarian chili...its soooo GOOD!!! I made MY OWN tomato juice/sauce from fresh tomatos, then added in four different kinds of beans, carrotts, corn fresh from the cob, carrotts, onion, kale and ALL KINDS of seasonings!!! Know idea of the EXACTS for anything!!! I just add a lil bit of this and a lil bit of that and a pinch of this and scoopful of that annnnnd...
THEN, i cup up cilantro, red onions, scallions and sprinkle it on top...
MMMMmmmmmm soooooooo GOOOOD!!!!

I'm gonna go have a bowl RIGHT NOW!!! :))))
(Don't be JEALOUS!!!;)

♥Mary Frances :)