Thursday, August 23, 2012


I DID PEOPLE!!! I made it three whole weeks on the DAINIEL FAST WITH NO COFFEE!!! And only eating fruits, veggies, nuts and whole weat, brown rice!!! Are ya all proud of me or WHAT??? I lost 8 pounds which isn't HUGE...buuuut still a success!!!
I plan on taking the day off TOMORROW!!! Going to Starbucks and getting Spinatos Pizza...THEN starting on Saturday, I am planning on doing another 21 days and THIS TIME, i'm going to count calories for all the foods I eat that are NOT fruits and veggies!!! I'm EXCITED!!! I like this way of eating and have come up with some great recipies...after the next 21 days, I will access myself and see what I want to do next!!!
EVEN IF the weight loss is slower...I'm learning to make healthy habbits for life...and thats what its ALL ABOUT!!! :)))
♥Mary Frances :)