Monday, July 30, 2012

Daniel fast!!!!

Sooooooo a group of us are starting the Daniel fast THIS WEDNESDAY, August 1st!!! If anyone is interested in joining feel free...I was going to make an email list for people that want to join and we can support each other and stuff.

The point cleanse your systen from all the unatural things we put into it ANNNND to draw closer to God!!! (And lose weight too...LOL) This is a way for 21 days to say ok God, i'm just gonna eat the natural things you made and refrain from fillin my body, YOUR TEMPLE, with a buncha junk and chemicals. Also, make a list of things that you want to focus on God doing in your life.
Basically, the Daniel Fast is an all vegan diet for 21 days...or longer if you like!!! :) So for 21 days you just eat all fruits and veggies and seeds and nuts and WHOLE WEAT products, and NOTHING with leaven!!! (soooo NO BREAD for sure) No sweetners including artificail sweetners and NOTHING buuuut WATER to drink!!! Which isn't  a big deal to me...cuz ALL I drink mostly is WATER...
buuuuuut then I REALIZED...
(Excuse me while I go make a pot...Two more days...LOL!)
MORE DETAILS to come BUUUUT if your interested in joining let me know!!!
♥Mary Frances :)