Thursday, July 26, 2012


Guess whaaaaaaaaaat everyone??? I finally broke down and JOINED A GYM!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Like every year I start walkin and I do pretty good...UNTIL like April...annnnnd its just like WAAAAAAY TO HOT until like the end of October and THEN it gets to cold for a couple of months and yeah...basically the weather is just NEVER perfect and I know that a LAME excuse buuuut its a pretty good one when your from AZ!!! LOL! Cuz like I was gonna try and save up for a treadmill and then I NEVERRRR do...I end up going on some trip or something...soooo yeah...
Tuesday I went and joined a place called YOUFIT!!! It looks pretty cool!!! THe guy was all like trying to sell me with the fact that they are a green company...I was like Okaaaaaay enough about the you REALLY think I care?!?! I mean just sayin'!! This is about me...lookin GOOOD...I mean being healthy!!! ;) I've worked out both days now soooo yeah...i'm pretty ya know...PROUD!!! HAHA!!! The first day I burned 200 calories and yesturday I burned 247...OH YEAH!!! HAHA!!!
If anyone has any excercise work out tips or whatever let me know!!! Oh and also, I got the membership that I can bring ANY ONE PERSON with me at anytime to join me in a workout...soooooo WHO WANTS GO TO WITH ME??? :]
♥Mary Frances :)