Thursday, March 21, 2013


Guess WHAT everyone!?!?! I FINALLY found out WHAT my goal weight is!!! I am soooooooo EXCITED!!! Sooooooo i've kinda been stuck in a rut with the whole weight loss thing for a while now!!! I've been working out like BIG time...I mean I FAITHFULLY work out at the gym 5-6 days a week annnnnnd I mean like I really like WORK OUT!!! Like dripping sweat...buuuuuuut I'm just feeling like I NEED extra help with the whole FOOD PART of it all!!! I mean, I really need A LOT of structure AND accountability in my life!!! Soooooooo I went to check out Medifast today...I mean i've heard really great things about them and you meet ONE ON ONE with a dieticitan that counsels you on weight loss, eating right etc!!! Annnnnd I'm like YES...I need this because OBVIOUSLEY I HAVE ISSUES AND NEED HELP!!! AHAHA!!! Okaaaaay they say the first part is admitting and realizing you have a problem and the second part is that you ACTUALLY do something about it!!!
Okaaaaaaaay soooo back to my goal weight!!! They asked me WHAT I would like to see myself weighing annnnnnd I thought about it really long and hard...and I honestly thought in my mind that that I would like to weigh 208, because that would mean i've lost 200 pounds since my highest weight!!! Now when MOST people hear 208 they think thats still like A LOT... buuuuuut I don't know...WHENEVER I would read the charts they would say like 165 for my height and for a woman with big bones annnnnd i'm just like OKAAAAAY I weighted 175 in 4th grade....I mean I was TEN and  yes I was chubby...buuuuuut that was a LOOOOOONG TIME AGO!!!
Soooooooo they put me on this thing and you hold onto it and it only takes like a minute but it measures your fat, your height, your mucsle mass, and your bone structure annnnnnnd it turns out THAT to be healthy I NEED TO WEIGH...
Soooo I was basically RIGHT ON!!! The lady was like kinda surprised herself cuz thats NOT what most girls would think of as their goal weight!!! Buuuuuuuuut I'm NOT most girls!!! Heh, heh!!! Sooooooooooo she is reading the chart and she is like, OH, you have an abnormally large bone structure...turns out I have a 40% larger skeletal structure than the NORMAL female!!! Go ME!!! (: Buuuuut then again we already knew that if you read THIS POST!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Sooooo yes i'll always be a BIG girl...but I'm cool with that...I mean God made me BIG...he coulda made me like my Irish grandma Rita (Mary) Ginty, that I was named after...who was a petite little thing, that STRUGGLED her whole life to keep at 100 pounds ...buuuuut NO he chose to make me with the structure of my Italian grandfather, Joe Mangino, with big bones, broad shoulders, I don't know WHY he chose ME to have that frame buuuuut HE long as i'm HEALTHY...I'll just rock my big frame!!!
OF COURSE...this does mean that I'll have to put aside my life-long dream...
 of being a ballerina...
Buuuuuut I THINK i'll make it!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ooooo annnnnnd I DID decide that I AM gonna do Medifast...I'll let you all know as SOON as its OFFICIAL!!!

♥Mary Frances :)