Friday, March 15, 2013

How much spagetti???

So I was reading this article by Dr. Oz and he was talking about portion control and how you don't always have to measure everything EXACTLEY!!! He said that you can just use your own measuring devices in case your somewhere that you don't have it with you...HE said for example if you want to measure how much UNcooked spagetti you can have, just see how much you can fit between your thumb and the finger next to it making a circle that closes on the first indention of your thumb...he said that the variation will vary slightly from person to person according to their frame and build...he said thats okay though because you can eat according to your body frame and structure and not talking about your actual body weight but you know your structure size...big bones, little bones, medium bones, extra large bones, petite bones...etc...weeeeeeelllll...
APARENTLY Dr. Oz has NEVER met...
Annnnnnd MY HANDS!!!
I decided to try this out myself annnnnnnd managed to fit the WHOLE entire package in my circle!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! AND it was NOT a tight fit either!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!
I could be wrong....buuuuuuuuuuuut something tells me that I shouldn't eat the whole entire package of spagetti!!! BAHAHAHA!!! Ima stick with ACTUAL measuring devices Dr. Oz!!!
♥Mary Frances :)