Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sooooooooooooo I'm sure you all are wondering...
DID MARY go off her diet for THANKSGIVING???
I go off for ALL MAGOR HOLIDAYS!!! That does NOT include stuff like, Labor day, Hanakuh, Martin Luther King Day, Comumbus day, Memorial day, Presidents Day, Kuwanza, Groundhog day, Verterans mean I would NEVER be on if I did that!!! HAHA!!! BUUUUUT like Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, MY BIRTHDAY...OH and aparently my brother John's BIRTHDAY, he considers it a NATIONAL HOLIDAY for me cuz he INSISTED that I go off for his day!!! I was like oh i won't be going off on your birthday and was like OH YES YOU ARE!! I was like NOPE!!! I'm not going off till Thanksgiving and he was like NO!!! I WANT YOU TO GO OFF FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!
Thats part of your present to me!!! Cuz he was making HIS PIZZA which is AMAZIN....soooooooooo i'm like okaaaaaaaay FINE!!! LOL! Sooo I went off FOR HIM...but of course I STILL got him a present...$35 on the Screwtape Letters Audio drama...which is $10 mor bucks then what HE SPENDS on his bday presents...YES...he only spends $25 NO MATTER on bday presents...he is such a cheapscape!!! LOL...but trust me I LEFT the price tag on my present for him!!! AHAHA!!! But I didn't tell him I had a coupon!!!
AnywayZ, oh yeah, someone was askin me if I go off on Valentine's Day and i'm like WEEEEEEELLLLLL i guess if I like HAD A REASON to go off on Valentine's Day...but thus far I do NOT!!! AHAHAHA....soooo I should probabley STAY on so I can GET A REASON to go off!!! ;)
Soooooooo anywayZ, I gained like 4 pounds on Thanksgiving!!! Mmmmm it was all sooooo goooooood!!! I didn't even really bother with Turkey...I was like...I can eat Turkey ANY day on my diet...HELLLLLLLLOOOOOO CARBS!!! Its beeeen soooooooo LONG since we've hung out!!! LOL!!! I'm like RICE, STUFFIN, Aly's PUMPKIN ROLLS, BREAD, Double P.B CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAY!!!!
SO I I had gained two pounds on the Monday before from my brother's bday and then in the two days before Thanksgiving I lost them!!! Then I gained four pounds from THanksgiving and have lost all those plus one more pound sooooo GO ME!!!


♥Mary Frances :)