Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Healthy snacks!!!

Soooo i've determined that I want to develop a lifestyle of eating EVEN healthy snacks. As, in mostly fruits and veggies and occasional VERY low calorie, sugar free snacks. I just want it to become my lifestlye, if I feel like munching on something when i'm not even hungry its gonna be an apple or something like that!!! 
I'm trying to make it a habit that I don't make it a regular occurrence to even eat, healthy-unhealthy snacks...LOL! What I'm talkin about is like nuts or WW snacks and stuff like that because even the these are somewhat healthier snacks...I kinda like tend to not be able to just stop with the serving most ww snacks are still a lot of carbs and sugar and nuts are high in fat and aren't good for me to go overboard with...AND lets NOT EVEN talk about sugar free chocolate...OMW!!! ITS SOOOOOO GOOD!!! Lol and I still kinda like TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY lose it around CHOCOLATE!!! So I figure I will save these, healthy-unhealthy snacks for when I do feel like indulging every once in a while or whatever!!!

Soooooooo with that thought in mind, I would like to share with you all THE MOST AMAZIN snack everrrr that I just discovered last night from a free sample at Costco!!! (Thank God for Costco samples...Right???

What I discovered IS... 
Mrs. Mays Freeze dried fruit chips!!! 100% natureal!!! 39 calories! No fatt!!! No sugar but the natural sugar that is already in fruit!!! If you look at the ingredients, the ONLY ingredient is whatever fruit you are eating!!! (i.e. Pears, starwberries or apples) They are soooo GOOOD!!!  I absolutely LOVE THEM!!! 
Mrs. Mays also has freeze dried pineapple and peaches that I would LOVE to try!!!
Especially the pineapple but I haven't found those ones anywhere yet...if have...let me know where I can buy them!!! :)
They, the apples, pears and strawberries, are at Costco for $12 for a box of 20...NOT the cheapest...BUT...eating healthy NEVERRR is!!! HAHA!!! Then again...Doctor bills, presciptions, buying bigger clothes, diabetes and heart attacks aren't exactly CHEAP either...Know what I'm sayin??? ;)

I'll be letting you know MORE of my favorite HEALTHY snacks in the future....Weeeelll heeeeey if you have a favorite healthy snack let me know...I would LOVE to hear about it!!!

♥Mary Frances :)