Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Have you all NOTICED that I have NOT updated??? Its because I have NOT lost anymore weight!!! For the last two months I have just MAINTAINED my weight...which I know is a good thing BUUUUT not really all that exciting!!! Yup, I've had JUST ENOUGHT self-discipline to NOT gain weight...BUT, NOT enough to cut back enough to lose MORE!!!
Seeee HERE I am...
(Looook...I'm wearin a BELT and it ACTUALLLLLY LOOKS GOOD!!! (Holla!;) )
Sooooo here is HOW I maintain my weight...EVERY MORNING...when I wake up...the FIRST THING I DO is...

I weight myself AND then I write down my weight on a calender. I've learned that the best thing I can do is FACE the truth EVERY MORNING!!! People say that scales lie, blah, blah, and my scale are TIGHT!!! I refuse to live in denial!!! It lets me know, that HEEEEy, you gained a pound YESTURDAY, TODAY you had better cut back and LOSE that have to face it RIGHT there!!! If you don't get rid of it...another pound will come sneakin along, then another one and another one!!!
Sooooo there you all have it...the HONEST truth...I'm NOT wear I want to be YET....buuuut I  am learning HOW to keep off what I have lost...which I have NEVERRRR been able to do before!!! :)
♥Mary Frances :)