Monday, January 23, 2012


Heeeeey!!!! Weeeeelllll its been a while since I updated this thing...mainly cuz I haven't had a WHOLE lot to say!!! LOL! I spent most of the rest of December maintaining my weight and then I just got back from my trip to the PI and have currenlty been working on RE LOSING the pounds that I GAINED...yes GAINED on the trip!!! I gotta be HONEST right???
Weeeelll...I reallly, really, REALLLLY LOOOOOOOOOOVE trying new food...and there was kinda A LOT of partying with my family and at first I was like TOTALLY having a heart attack about gaining ANY weight on the trip...buuuuuuut then my lil brother...THE GROOM-to-be...told me to just like calm down, relax and enjoy myself...because if I continuousley worried about it I wasn't going to have any funNNN! Sooo i did!!! LOL!!! He was like, "Can't you JUST lose it again?!?!" LOL I was like weeeeel DUH!!! 
Soooo yeah I tried all kinds of cRaZy weird Filipino and Hawaiian food on the trip!!! And am now losing it!!! Once i've relost the weight I gained on the trip(8 pounds) I'm considering doing another round of HCG!!! Its been a while and I would like to get another big chunk of this weight out of the waY!!! 
Ooooo on a more exciteing note....I can feel such a HUGE difference in my physical health!!! My sugar is ALWAYS in the 90's now!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I am like NEVERRRR tired either!!! I usually wake up early and go to bed waaaaaay late!!! I walked almost every day on this trip and I was quite fast too!!! I climbed up all 214 steps at Chocolate Hills....I chose to use the stairs a LOT instead of the elevator!!! YUP!!! Its pretty awesome!!!
♥Mary Frances :)