Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guess what I can do now???


 I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! I havn't been able to this in a REALLY, really, REEEEAAAALLLLLY long time!!! Like...since I was a kid or something!!! I discovered this TUESDAY night at our ladies cookie exchange at church!!! I was soooo SERIOUSLEY OFF THE WALL...HYPER!!! LOLOL I was like bouncing all over the place and without even thinkin about it I started skipping and then I was like OMW!!! OMW!!! OMW!!! I'm like OMW...SKIPPING!!! I couldn't believe it!!! It made me soooo HAPPY to be able to do this again...which...of course made me EVEN MORE HYPER!!!
Soooooo I had Jac take some pics of me SKIPPING!!! She was do realize that you look like a TOTAL DORK...RIGHT??? I was like...You DO REALIZE that I could CARE LESS...RIGHT??? LOL!!! Cuz...i'm SKIPPING...
don't be JEALOUS!!! ;))) 
♥Mary Frances :)