Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My outfit!!!

So I bought this skirt sometime in the end of April/early May and when I bought it, it was waaaaaaaay TO SMALL!!!

I wish that I could post a before picture of how the skirt fit me so you all could see just how tight it was...BUT...I'm thinkin that would be inappropriate to post EVEN if it looked really BAD!!! LOL!!! But I felt HOPE for it and determined that it WOULD fit me by Old Time Camp Meeting in June!!!  Sooooo i worked really, really, REALLLLLLY HARD and guess what????

My self esteem was sooo high when I wore this outfit...I mean my hair came out PERFECT and EVERYTHING!!! I told my sis self-esteem was so high in the sky, i'm pretty sure it was ticklin the feet of Jesus on His throne!!! LOL She just gave me that, "you need HELP!" look!!! (Which I happen to get quite often!!!) HAHAHA!!!
Then she asked me if it was high enough to propose to the HOTTEST GUY in Pentecost and I was like, WEELLL... maybe NOT THAT HIGH!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! But then I rethought about it and I was like welllll...MAYBE it was actually that high...BUT...there is just some things you don't do cuz they are IMPROPER....
(I wore it again this past Sunday to my church and guess what??? it fit even better...YAAAAAAAY!!! Sooooo if your dyin to see this outfit on me...just wait till Youth Alive!!!:)